Join the growing community of life coaches receiving marketing strategies to build a thriving coaching business. 

Meet Kevin Laylor

AKA The Life Coach Mentor

Kevin is the founder of Growthonaire. A mission to help millions find more value in their self-worth over their net worth and become mentally rich. 

After investing heavily in a past business and it failing, Kevin realized the biggest mistake for that outcome. The skill of marketing. 

Reading countless business books and learning from many successful marketing mentors, he did not want to make the same mistake with his most intuitive calling. The skill of coaching. 

Kevin believes life coaches are one of the biggest sources of heart this world has to impact the pain on this planet.

He wants to see life coaches thrive in their coaching business and avoid the costly mistakes he made. He wants life coaches to  be visible, attract ideal clients, leading and serving others, doing the good they were called to do while earning a career at the same time.

He mentors life coaches through exclusive tips, thoughtful insights, and practical strategies to clarify and enjoy the marketing of their coaching business. When life coaches thrive, people thrive and the world thrives. 

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