Hi, I'm 

Kevin Laylor

Hey my friend, Kevin here. I consider myself a visionary, servant leader who always had a burning question in the back of my mind. Why are so many people in pain today and what can I do to help someone get through what they are going through?  After over a decade in corporate America, as a business systems analyst, success with eBay as a side hustle, and a strong why to learn everything marketing and branding for the past several years, I now want one thing. To create and support a community of like-minded coaches who want to thrive together by serving others and positively impacting the mental well-being and performance of others in this world. Will you join me?

Where It Started

For as early as I can remember, there are three things that I love growing up. The gathering of people and bringing good vibes. The capturing of people through photography so they always had a reminder of seeing their best. And reading books and gaining wisdom from others. 

Unknowingly at the time, I cared deeply about giving people an experience where they left happy. It warmed my heart to know I could help someone and make a difference in my own way.

What Went Wrong

Yet, as I got older, I noticed something. I didn't come across a lot of guys who had similar interests as me. I didn't come across people of my ethnicity who were into the same things as me. I wasn't like the majority of others and felt something was wrong with me. 

Because of that, I learned to isolate myself. To shrink and silence my voice on my interests because I wanted others to have their experience without my interests interrupting what made them happy. 

What Changed

I had a powerful experience that had me sought out help because I no longer wanted to do things alone. I found my first mentor online via YouTube and consumed all that I could to acquire new mental tools. That began a journey of personal development and the breaking down of inner limits and rising of my potential.

I learned its ok to have interests that don't match up to others. I learned my way of being has a place in this world. I learned that it was not a flaw to be who I am, rather it was a flaw not to be more of who I am and help others. 

Where I'm Heading Now

From there, I learned that my experiences, expertise and interests all could be combined to create a business I love. I became a certified professional coach. I spent years learning about marketing, branding, coaching and serving others as I became confident coach. 

Now, I want to serve my fellow coaches. To let them know they are not alone. To help them get there faster to see what their expertise can be for others. To create a community where your love for helping others also helps you. In the end, to gather like-minded coaches and give them an experience that their knowledge and wisdom is worth more than they know, and I want to help you see where you can be heading too.

Our Mission Together

My mission is our mission. Where we come together as life coaches, provide transformational spaces for others to make a huge impact in the mental wellbeing and performance of others. To help one another get out of own way, see our own brilliance in our skills and expertise and provide them to others to reduce the pain in the world and increase the connections people can have with themselves and each other.