Are You Ready To Better Your Mental Wellbeing

Seven Simple Practices

Seventy Seven Transformative Days

Several Positive Life Changes

This is not your average challenge!  This is a lifestyle that grows you, mentally, physically and makes you a priority in your life.

Introducing The Challenge

77 Grow


The Seven R.E.W.A.R.D.S.


Spend, at least, 15 minutes a day in meditation. In a world disconnected by technology, become comfortable with your inner world and connected with the power of your thoughts. 

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Spend, at least, 45 minutes a day, doing exercise. As we become more sedentary, we neglect the beauty of everyday movement. Reveal the healing power of daily movement and muscle strength.

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Drink, at least, one gallon of water a day. Replenish the body with the fluid that helps flush the body, keep you full and aid in the physical and mental well being of your body. 

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Record, at least, 30 seconds of a video acknowledging yourself for something you did well. Rewatch it immediately after recording. Discover the best friend, coach and self-love you can have through the power of acknowledgment.

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Read, at least, 10 pages of a self-improvement or business book. Expand your knowledge and shortcut the learning curve to better yourself through the expertise of others. Today's reader are tomorrow's leaders.

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Choose a diet of your choosing, with no alcohol and no soda. Shift your physical and mental  through the foods you eat. Clean food in gives you clean fuel out. 

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Journal, upon waking up and winding down, using the Daily G.I.F.T.  prompts. The more you see your inner world visually, the more aware you become of yourself, the better the choices you get to make.

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How to Get Started


Download the Free Tracker

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Invite a Partner/Buddy

It's more fun when you do this work with others. Find an accountable partner so you can grow together.


Start Doing
The Seven Rewards

Achieve better habits, healthier thinking and improved mental wellbeing in just 77 days.

Here’s what people are saying about this challenge

I lost weight, feel fitter and smashed previous limiting beliefs around things I start but don't finish. I now have an amazing morning routine that sets me up for the whole day. Being part of the community made me feel accountable and stopped me from giving up. I feel healthier, happier and more confident.

Rachel D.

The biggest benefit is that I was intentional about my day, feelings and emotions. I am so grateful for this challenge that set me up to build healthy habits.

Milda D

This challenge gave me a reason to look into being consistent in taking time and paying attention to myself. I appreciate the time taken to put this challenge together to help me and others.

Denise Chambul

This challenge allowed me to value me and how to prioritize time for myself. My favorite part of these practices were Reconnection, Water and Affirmation. Thank you for being very supportive and encouraging with this process.


Having others to do these practices with created a deeper connection with doing this work and becoming more comfortable with journaling. This challenge was a beautiful way to reconnect, realign, refocus and stay on track of taking care of me.

Rosa T.

I gained better self-discipline, ability to self-direct and increased self-awareness about myself. I really benefited from the Reconnection, Acknowledgement and Scribing portion of this challenge. Thank you.

Crystal C.